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"I first contacted Christine when I was going through a difficult, protracted divorce two years after leaving my husband who had controlled and abused me for many years. I was an emotional wreck; struggling with alcohol, trying to maintain a positive relationship with my two teenage daughters and trying to hold down a demanding full time job. Christine immediately understood my situation and her first priority was my safety and helping me to identify risks and establish clear boundaries when communicating with my husband. Her deep insight into domestic violence, in particular emotional abuse, and her understanding of the dynamics of parent-child relationships, as well as her flexible, person-centred approach to counselling have been invaluable to me and my daughters.
It has been a long process but, with the safety of knowing that Christine has been there beside me, I have moved to a place where my 20 year old daughter recently commented that I was ‘sorted’! I have my ups and downs but now manage them in clear headed sobriety and have honestly come to know that life is, on the whole, simple and easy! 

Sophia 32
"Christine got right to the core of what was going on. There were times didn't want to go back, it was so painful to look at myself. I did keep going back to Christine and I'm so glad that I did. I now understand why I was using alcohol to cope, it all made sense and once I did this, I could start to recover from the past"
Elisabeth 48
"I felt so desperate, confused and like I didn't want to go on. I was a man, why couldn't I deal with stuff? Working with Christine helped me see how I had internalised what I 'thought' a man should be, what others thought I should be. Now I am me, a strong man with vulnerabilities and a softness I am happy to acknowledge, its taking time but I'm on the right road"
Harry 55
"I really enjoyed the training today. I work in an alcohol service so see a lot of domestic abuse issues but have never felt confident about how to deal with it before. This training made me realise I have skills I can use to support people to make choices in staying safe. Learning about domestic abuse screening and risk assessments mean I have the resources needed to really be there for my clients"
Mary - Dublin
"This training has given me the extra tools I need when working with people. I hadn't really considered the impact the work has on me or how my religious background can influence me with my client work. I now have strategies in place to explore what is in my unconscious mind and how this might be present in my work"
Samuel - London 

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